Alem Collection

What if the Bohemian design fuses with the unique touch of Anatolia?
Bohemtolia goes after Anatolian materials and craftspeople in pursuit of this question and reflects the spirit of Anatolia in its unique products.

Bohemtolia’s new collection Alem, meaning "universe" in Turkish, combines handweaving tradition in Anatolia with modern design. This collection offers a new series of Afitap and Leyla kilims and kilim pillows.

The remarkable colors of Afitap kilims came into being with naturally dyed yarns and add tranquility to Bohemian style. Kilim motifs are implicit expressions of feelings and the diamond-shaped “Baklava” and “Hourglass” motifs signify boundaries of life and transience of time. Afitap kilims, "sunlight" in Turkish, will claim the center of your living areas and bring you a sense of time and life, just like the sun does for our universe.

Leyla kilims have monochrome colors with naturally dyed yarns and add a contrast to the Bohemian design with a minimalist touch. Timeless traditions like the Anatolian culture know that everything exists with its contrast. The night can only exist if the day exists. Leyla --meaning night in Turkish- signifies this continuous cycle. These kilims are the most peaceful pieces of Bohemian design just like the night is.

Feed your Bohemian soul, browse the unique colors of Afitap and Leyla kilims and kilim pillows, and reveal your original taste.



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