Carpets, Rugs, Kilims and Throws

Bohemtolia presents different products through which the owner reflects its own taste and aims to create a bohemian, homey and chic atmosphere. We know that taste of life is to share different and comfortable living spaces together. That's why we choose unique Turkish rugs, carpets and kilims for you from the different regions. We believe that it is worth to support every craft, skilled hand labor. Choose the most appealing product from or kilim&rug  collection and put it to the center of your life. Let the symbols on the products bring you enthusiasm, joy, abundance and luck.

Carpets, rugs and kilims are distinctive pieces for Bohemian decoration. They offer different options for home décor and vivid living areas through different weaving techniques and dimensions, etc. Bohemtolia: the best way to reflect your unique style.

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