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Read your horoscope: Sun signs

  READ YOUR HOROSCOPE! ARIES: Your sun is in Aries, which gives you the opportunity to take the initiative, to be a leader, a person with high life energy and a loyal individual. You will need to express yourself sincerely and go after your wishes for the most important life. The fact that the Sun is in Aries also gives the person a natural leadership ability. However, sometimes the person's self-focus or sudden demoralization of a problem may cause him to forget the conditions in the external world and cause him to struggle with crises. Generosity, sincerity and courage are the basic building blocks of this sign. They can bring dynamism and enthusiasm to the environment they enter. Considering their...

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Winter has arrived

It's the first day of winter, it's time to be born again! We are ready to start from the inside and outside. Let's take the emotions, memories, energy absorbing people and things that we want to leave behind in a corner and take them. Empty places so others can fill up the more beautiful places. Have a look at your house, what you don't like, what doesn't make you feel happy? A frame, a vase, a pillow? Maybe the house itself? Change! Let's announce the day of change today! What will you change? Source: pinterest  

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Colors of Autumn

The rain and the wind are whistling and singing. The colors of the leaves try to be dominate others revealing the cycle of nature from green to brown, and from red to yellow. Look at twisted, wrinkled leaves and take inspiration from the perfect leaf. Green, brown, orange and yellow and the power of the transformation of the soil and the warmth of the winter temperature is ready with these colors! What is your favorite fall color? Source: Pinterest

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