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Bohemian Decoration Ideas for Coffeeshops

Bohemian or boho-style decoration can create a warm, inviting, and eclectic atmosphere for a coffee shop. Here are some ideas to incorporate bohemian elements into your coffee shop's decor: Colorful textiles: Use vibrant and richly patterned textiles, such as tapestries, rugs, and cushions, to add color and texture to your space. Opt for a mix of different patterns and prints to create a visually appealing boho look. Macramé: Hang macramé wall hangings or plant holders to add a touch of bohemian charm. You can also incorporate macramé curtains or room dividers for a unique and cozy atmosphere. Plants and greenery: Fill your coffee shop with an abundance of indoor plants. Opt for a variety of sizes and species to create...

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Happy Birthday Aquarius!

The fact that the Sun is Aquarius gives the person an idealistic, non-mold thinking and a different and stable structure. A sense of independence and respect for everyone's rights is very important. On the other hand, Aquarius signs expect the same respect from the people they meet. when this is not the case, especially when they are interfered in their personal space - their lives can show very harsh reactions or they can go away. The most revolutionary member of the Zodiac generation, Aquarius, is also a symbol of creativity and ideals. Each Aquarius carries an inventor in itself. The Aquarius is the most talented team in playing games. The challenge of Aquarius is to try to figure out a...

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The sun is in the Virgo

The period between 23rd of August and 22nd of September is the time for Virgo. While the Sun is in the Virgo, it forms a structure that is analytical, practical, logical, that increases the utility and strives to perfect the environment. But sometimes the Virgo can overlook the big picture to get to the most perfect, or can burn the whole forest for one sick tree. Congenital wisdom, industriousness and persistence, organizing a business are typical Virgo features. While this situation creates a very strong personality, sometimes during the tempo of life, the person forgets that he needs help. The Virgo signs are skilled in carrying loads, but sometimes they realize that they are exhausted under extreme loads. Yet as they...

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Design Accounts We Love #1

We think some inspiring Turkish accounts are not very well known so we have decided to share them with you. We will be sharing not only bohemian home decor accounts but also different design blogs, DIY profiles, furniture brands and etc. Keep following us and get inspired! Our first suggestion is Duygu Turgut Gökpınar who is one of the famous Turkish youtubers. Her DIY projects are very appreciated and applied by her followers. To get inspiration you can follow her on instagram and youtube .       .      

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Different ways to use the traditional Turkish peshtemal towel

Peshtemal (also spelled peshtamal, pestamal or pestemal) is a traditional Turkish towel. It used to be used in Turkish baths and was an important part of Ottoman hammam culture. The only purpose of using a peshtemal was to keep the privacy of the individual in the hammams. Since the peshtemals are highly absorbent, drying fast and light weight, the options of usage increase. There are different patterns and colors. For our options just click. Peshtemal Usage - Towels in bathroom Peshtemals can be used as towels in the bathroom, this traditional usage of peshtemals coming from Turkish hammam baths. It is used in the hammam with the aim of to be covered during the bath and also wipe yourself after the...

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