Afitap Kilim Rug - Beige
Afitap Kilim Rug - Beige
Afitap Kilim Rug - Beige

Afitap Kilim Rug - Beige

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The Afitap series in different colors came to life with natural dyeing yarns in order to add a sharp, soft, remarkable or peaceful interpretation to the bohemian decoration. Kilim motifs are used by people as unspoken expression of feelings and the diamond shaped “Baklava” and “Hourglass” motifs express the boundaries of life and the transcience of time. Afitap – meaning sunlight in Turkish- is the most meaningful word that tells us about these two motives. The sunlight is the only source of life and time. Afitap kilims will be at the center of your decoration alike the sun in the center of the universe.


Material: Wool

Size: 180 cm x 120 cm - 71'' x 47''

Dyeing: %100 vegetable

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