Different ways to use the traditional Turkish peshtemal towel

Peshtemal (also spelled peshtamal, pestamal or pestemal) is a traditional Turkish towel. It used to be used in Turkish baths and was an important part of Ottoman hammam culture. The only purpose of using a peshtemal was to keep the privacy of the individual in the hammams. Since the peshtemals are highly absorbent, drying fast and light weight, the options of usage increase. There are different patterns and colors. For our options just click.
Peshtemal Usage
- Towels in bathroom
Peshtemals can be used as towels in the bathroom, this traditional usage of peshtemals coming from Turkish hammam baths. It is used in the hammam with the aim of to be covered during the bath and also wipe yourself after the
- Decorative ways in the living areas
Peshtemals with differensizes and patterns are suitable for bringing your taste in your living spaces. To create a bohemian design in your living areas, peshtemals are the best adding color & soul as throw, table cloth, ground cloth and coach or bed cover.
Bohemian throw
- Beach towels in summer season
It is both fashionable & functional to use peshtemal towels in the beach as towels, beach blankets or pareos with their modern and vivid colors matching different styles. Peshtemals are durable, light weight and fast drying.
Woman doing sun bathing by Adam Kotor
- Accessories for your outfit
Peshtemals are the ideal accessories which you can wrap your shoulder as a shawl in the cool autumn evening, at the same time is an accessory that you can complete your trendy look as a scarf.
- Travel
Peshtemal is a very functional product thanks to its fine texture and lightness. It is easy to carry and it needs a very little space in your suitcase, thus you will have the luxury of using your own towel during the travel.

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