Dark Green Silk Pillowcase - bohemtolia
Dark Green Silk Pillowcase - bohemtolia

Dark Green Silk Pillowcase

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This symbol embroidered on the pillow is the Seljuk Star, which is a part of the Seljuk architecture. This octagonal star consists of two intertwined squares and each corner represents a virtue. These virtues are mercy, compassion, patience, truthfulness, keeping secret, loyalty, generosity and gratitude.

This golden pillow is made of local fabric Kutnu. Kutnu is a handloomed fabric with a shiny surface and colourful vertical stripes, made with silk warps (lengthwise yarns) and cotton wefts (crosswise yarns) and woven in the hand looms. In Turkey, the art of weaving kutnu is only practised in Gaziantep and is the early example of the art of textile printing.

The cushion measures 51x51cm. The price is only for the pillow cover. 

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