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Your sun is in Aries, which gives you the opportunity to take the initiative, to be a leader, a person with high life energy and a loyal individual. You will need to express yourself sincerely and go after your wishes for the most important life. The fact that the Sun is in Aries also gives the person a natural leadership ability. However, sometimes the person's self-focus or sudden demoralization of a problem may cause him to forget the conditions in the external world and cause him to struggle with crises. Generosity, sincerity and courage are the basic building blocks of this sign. They can bring dynamism and enthusiasm to the environment they enter. Considering their values and beloved ones an Aries are the most brave ones, they can do anything for their loved ones.



Having your sun in Taurus makes you an individual with a trustworthy, durable and self-organized pattern. This also shows that material security, comfort and peace of mind are important for the person. Because the Taurus symbolizes the five senses, it is the pleasures of life, a good taste and aesthetic values. Taurus horoscopes do not like taking risks and change, but sometimes they can persist in their ideas with the idea of not taking risks even if they are over-bound by their own ideas and something is wrong. The most important exams are always about change. The tough but decisive Taurus sign is patient, but the land line is as big as the patience. Taurus is the sign of nature and finds real peace in nature and artistic activities.



The position of the Sun in Gemini also makes you very talkative and able to express himself both verbally and in writing. This interaction also gives an effect of high energy, flickering and constant innovation. In this sign, the sun has come to gather information about the world, to investigate, to spread the truth and knowledge to people. Practical and quick to think, problems are part of the nature of finding solutions easily than anyone else. They can experience instability and instability in the name of life. In the name of personal development, the most important issue is the focus and sense of persistence. Instead of doing everything at the same time, you can turn to the doors of success in order and focus. Gemini also represents humor, imitations and endless joy.



Your sun is in Cancer, giving you a protective, compassionate, empathetic and loving structure. The cancer represents home in the zodiac. The concept of family and the wisdom of the past are very valuable for the cancer. They can transfer these values from generation to generation. But the cancer can be extremely sensitive and fragile in their hidden personality. This delicate structure can make you carry everyone’s responsibility and keep you inside until blow-off. The most important lesson here is that the person takes sufficient responsibility and cannot handle all the loads alone. When they draw their own way, they can be the light that grows, develops and guides people around them. Cancer is sensitive with its benign nature, the guide to the people, healer with love, “hand” touching the heart.



When the Sun is in Leo, the leadership, self-confidence and determination attributed to the Sun become more visible and visible. To be famous in this type of settlement; It is ideal in terms of being a respectable and known person in its vicinity. The only consideration here is that appreciation and applause are not dependent on waiting, because when the work done is not liked or if it does not get the approval it wants, it can lose motivation. But it cannot be as impressive as a shining Leo. The Leo, which is naturally familiar with the stage light, was born to mobilize the masses, to focus on them and to give them enthusiasm. They do not lose the child inside them, and they can be the muse of people.



While the Sun is in the Virgo, it forms a structure that is analytical, practical, logical, that increases the utility and strives to perfect the environment. But sometimes the Virgo can overlook the big picture to get to the most perfect, or can burn the whole forest for one sick tree. Congenital wisdom, industriousness and persistence, organizing a business are typical Virgo features. While this situation creates a very strong personality, sometimes during the tempo of life, the person forgets that he needs help. The Virgo signs are skilled in carrying loads, but sometimes they realize that they are exhausted under extreme loads. Yet as they help and share, their power increases and shines.



When the Sun is in Libra, it looks for harmony and peace in life. It is also very important to have a sense of justice. It is one of the strongest signs to give the right judgment and to be objective. However, just like its symbol, Libra is obliged to establish balance in his life. Indecision and non-acceptance are the biggest fear of a Libra. For this reason, instead of reflecting itself as it is, it may choose to adapt sometimes. In this respect, it is important to learn to express the essence directly. Because the Libra only have the power to express themselves as they are. And, of course, Libra represents diplomacy, aesthetics and artistic sensibility, and grace. When it comes to beauty nobody can understand this concept better than this zodiacsign.



While the Sun is in Scorpio, it affects people with its never-ending passions, hard likes, shots and sometimes magnetic stances. Scorpio is a symbol of patience and waiting. Observation, waiting and doing the right thing at the right moment can come forward at a time. This horoscope, representing crises and transformation, is well known for its crisis management, because it was born to fight the crisis and continue to mature and spread this power to the world. Scorpio effect can cause the person to focus on a subject in an amazing way and sometimes cause the person to get stuck there. The sense of vengeance is the greatest enemy of Scorpio and must not fall into its shadow. This sign symbolizing being born from its ashes is reborn and renewed in a stronger state.



When the Sun is in Sagittarius, it gives the person an optimistic, cheerful, adventurous identity. Always philosophical, religious and spiritual subjects will be the companion of the person. They have to have a deep meaning in their lives, there is always a search for them. It is a lifelong marathon to open up horizons in a mental sense. In addition, Sagittarius horoscopes are people who can have their learning and gains by not experiencing what others say but by experiencing and discovering themselves. The feeling that should be struggling is a lot of self-devotion and fanaticism. One issue can be more than one dimension, and the concept of respect for every vision is the area of personal development. There is a traveler in every Sagittarius, and must see and discover new places at any age and at any time.


In Capricorn, the Sun gives a disciplined person, a structure that is always willing to do what is right, and that doesn't endure a challenge. Diligence, goal-orientation and a rational mind are key elements of this process. The basic structure of Capricorn has the power to manage people and to support them in particularly difficult times. Especially this interaction gives great power to the person in terms of career and individual wishes. Sometimes he can ignore his feelings in order to protect himself and to look strong, but the most important test of a Capricorn is to open his heart without hesitation to people. He also has to remember that life is not only about the goals but also the magic of the moment. That's when life becomes much more colorful and meaningful. One of the most exemplary signs in terms of management and will.



The fact that the Sun is Aquarius gives the person an idealistic, non-mold thinking and a different and stable structure. A sense of independence and respect for everyone's rights is very important. On the other hand, Aquarius signs expect the same respect from the people they meet. when this is not the case, especially when they are interfered in their personal space - their lives can show very harsh reactions or they can go away. The most revolutionary member of the Zodiac generation, Aquarius, is also a symbol of creativity and ideals. Each Aquarius carries an inventor in itself. The Aquarius is the most talented team in playing games. The challenge of Aquarius is to try to figure out a wall instead of building a wall between people with which they cannot agree. As a result, new ideas grow and grow with different people.


The position of the Sun in Pisces brings a highly imaginative and creative mind to the person. The Pisces sign represents the boundary of the zodiacal zone and is the symbol of spiritual power and the collective unconscious. Pisces has a good grasp of this spiritual world. But sometimes the person can be drawn to his / her own shell by being over-sensitive to real world negativity, or instead of seeing them, he can put himself into an illusion by trying to see everything by the good. The test is to wake up from this dream and build the bridge between consciousness and the unconscious. Pisces should be comfortable and self-expressing, especially with artistic or spiritual works. Thus, they can reach their full potential by reaching their inner powers.

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