May 2018 bring you the best version of Bohemian Spirit!

Hello New Year!

We hope we will be the best version of us this year. We have dreams for 2018 to come true. We can start with small changes in our living spaces that give the peace to our souls are looking for.


Monochrome details brings minimalistic style in rooms. Kilim pillows and rugs  or other small accessories are perfect for this style.

monochrome style living room 

Best way to stay warm in winter is to cuddle with your dog on a comfortable coach. To design your room with earth tones and use big plants to get a cozy environment keeps you warm.

 cozy spaces

Combining second hand furniture or accessories with your coach & pillows creates an ethnic atmosphere to make your style unique. You may ask your older relatives, you can check flea market or online stores to find the best pieces.

 second hand design tips

Don’t forget your bedroom, we spend -at least- 1/3 of our lives there. Use your bedroom as a meditation space by decorating it with a vintage rug, warm colors of lighting and lots of pillows.

bohemian bedroom design


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