Get a bohemian look for Autumn!

Summer is over now even we dont want. Autumn is one of the best season to renovate our living spaces. It is time to create a new space to read your favorite book, drink your coffee and become ready for winter. Autumn leaves are turning from green to brown that we can tread on them while passing by. Then how come we carry these colors to our rooms?


1. Light is the best option!

To use yellow lights may change the whole atmosphere in the room. It is very easy and shining way to create a autumn space.decorative light

2. Are Pumpkins just for eating?

Autumn means pumkin! Halloween spirit is on its way to surrond us and we can decorate  all over with pumpkins!

pumpkin love

3. Throw the pillows!

If you have a window, balcony or patio with a view you are lucky enough to use throw pillows and get a style!

pillow garden


4. Bohemian Rhapsody in November!

You may combine a bohemian and romantic look. Kilim pillows and autumn colors can be used to decorate your tables.

bohem table


5. Wood carving, what a beauty.

For your dinner areas or  kitchens, you should head to a vintage store and check for a second hand wood carving sofa. Its a combination of elegance and comfort.

bohem table

6. Love and domesticate the branchs!

Autumn brings the advantage to find lots of branchs on our way to home. Just take few of them and decorate your rooms with these lucky brunchs.

autumn branches


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