2019 Summer Colors

Summer created its own colors, Bohemtolia interpreted and used them at its collection!

You need to feel the energy of summer for a joyful day to spend with your family, a pleasant meal with friends or to relax alone.

We had a great winter, we waited impatiently for the summer. Although the plans for the summer are different, there is something in common for us: The summer will make us wiggle and feel colorful. In summer, we are surrounded by vibrant, passionate colors that reflect nature itself.

Let's start preparing for bohemian summer decoration. Houses, balconies, terraces and gardens are waiting impatiently to meet with bohemian elegance. The most important subject for summer decoration is summer colors.

Maison Francaise

When the weather gets warm, we are warming up and our eyes are looking for warm colors. The orange of the sun, the brightness of the sea, the blue of the sky, the pink and fuchsia leaves of the flowers all over us. Using these tones in our house, we can complete the warmth that nature offers us. Bohemtolia will also find place in hearts and homes with new collections that are just right for the summer.

Sea Concept with Princess Blue

The waves of the sea, blue, white, inspired by the fish, the waters shining with sun are coming to your home. Both the sailor concept and the blue ikat pillows bring the smell of the sea. It has a great effect on the balconies with wicker seats or on white fabrics in boats.

Blue Pillows

Fuchsia Pink and Orange Summer

Our new ikatlar are like green flowers and leaves bringing the summer. These vivid colored ikat fabrics are ideal to meet with summer joy.

Pink Peacock

Ikat Pillows

The Glowing Kutnu Silk World

With natural silk fabric and bright colors like living coral, the kutnu pillows increase the energy and elegance in the summer. Our pillows with different symbols invite you to the world of kutnu to make colored combinations and create the style for your taste.

Purple and Gold Yellow


Kutnu Silk Pillows

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