Kutnu Silk Runner No 2 - Yastk
Kutnu Silk Runner No 2 - Yastk
Kutnu Silk Runner No 2 - bohemtolia

Kutnu Silk Runner No 2

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This striped table cloth is made of kutnu. Kutnu is a handloomed fabric with a shiny surface and colourful vertical stripes, made with silk warps (lengthwise yarns) and cotton wefts (crosswise yarns) and woven in the hand looms. In Turkey, the art of weaving kutnu is only practised in Gaziantep and is the early example of the art of textile printing.
The silk runner measures 20x80 inc (50x200 cm)
The decorative pillow cover is sewn by us and its traditional design is a very good option for authentic home decor.
Dry cleaning is recommended.
You can combine with other embroidered kutnu pillows.

The pillow with same fabric is available too.

Due to the different display the photos may not reflect the actual colors of the item.

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